Online Courses
from Ken Coscia 

Learn to Activate, Develop, and Focus your Intuition to Enhance Your Creativity and Innovation.

Dieting just does not work.

Take it Off & Keep it Off

In this online course, you will learn how to use a unique Dynamic Meditation process to achieve lasting weight loss.

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Take Command of Your Life from the Inside Out

5 Dynamic Meditations from Ken Coscia

A bundle of 5 meditations with specific purpose and focus.

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Manifest and Navigate Your Life with Grace & Ease

Manifest Like A Master

Learn the ultimate reframing and manifestation technique - Mirror Of The Mind.

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Accelerate Learning, Read Faster, and Comprehend Better

Power Learning

Learn the ultimate reframing and manifestation technique - Mirror Of The Mind.

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Theta Meditation & Relaxation

The Theta Sound by Jose Silva

Theta is the state of relaxation, and really is a wonderful realm to slip into and escape the world. When the brain is producing theta brain waves in abundance you will feel deeply relaxed.

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Intuition Is A Trainable Skill

Applied Intuition - Your Lost Sense

Awaken, Develop, and Focus your Intuition to access Your Inner Wisdom for Creative Problem-Solving.

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4 Advanced Master Classes

Bundle of 4 Silva Method Master Classes

For Silva practitioners:   Take your mastery of the Silva Method techniques to a deeper level with these 4 Master Classes with Ken Coscia

Includes 4 of the Best of Ken Coscia's workshop trainings:

  • The 3 Fingers Technique Advanced Master Class
  • The Laboratory & Counselors Advanced Master Class
  • The Mirror of the Mind Advanced Master Class
  • The Holoviewing Advanced Master class 
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We are here on this planet to fulfill a unique purpose.

Connection to Purpose Dynamic Meditation

In this exercise you allow yourself to hear, feel, see, and experience a space deep within yourself in any way that is natural for you the plan Universal Source Energy has in store for your life.

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Program Your Mind While You Sleep 

Holoviewing Dynamic Meditation

Program your mind to tap into higher consciousness while you sleep to bring you answers to complex problems and provide you with guidance in life.

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The Complete "Long Relaxation Exercise" 

Jose Silva's Deep Relaxation Dynamic Meditation

The exercise is a synergistic blend of fractional relaxation, guided imagery, updated positive life affirming declarations with the Alpha sound quietly in the background.

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The ultimate reframing and self-improvement technique

Mirror of the Mind Dynamic Meditation

With the Mirror of the Mind, you use visualization and imagination to alter an existing situation and create anything you desire to have, do, or be.

The two important keys to success are that you use the alpha level, and that you build and recognize a solid and supportive belief system, such as faith.

What you'll get:

  • Detailed instructions on how to apply.
  • The actual guided meditation used in Silva Life System. Ken guiding you step by step with the original mind directed sound (2 metronomes) in the background.           

includes a downloadable MP3 to any device.

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You will learn a step by step proven system and framework to develop, trust and focus your Intuition for breakthrough living.

You also learn how to master mind/body management to overcome stress, sleep without the use of drugs, use dreams for problem solving, manifest your goals, manage pain and discomfort, reach your ideal weight for maximum health, improve memory, make better grades in school, enjoy loving relationships, enhance your intuition for everyday problem solving and more!

We help you to develop the necessary foundation to take charge of your life from the inside out.