"Dieting" does not work.  

Tired of losing weight, just to gain it all back?


Learn the Dynamic Meditation process to hit your target weight sooner
and keep it off

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Trying to "lose" weight is the wrong approach.

Over 95% of people who manage to "lose" weight gain it all back, and most will end up weighing more than when they started. 

That's why the solution isn't counting calories and doing hours of cardio at the gym, the secret is that the true solution starts in your mind.

Instead of trying to lose weight, let's program your mind so that you consistently do the right thing, BECAUSE now you feel like it!

Before - Joyce L. - February 2015

Starting the program for better health and weight loss

After - Joyce L. - January 2016

Down 85 pounds, exercising regularly, sleeping and eating well, with high energy and vitality.

You will learn... 

In this online course, you will learn how to counter ALL the causes of weight gain.

You will learn a systematized approach to identifying and breaking your destructive habits, and replace them with healthy behaviors that support your goals.

Through Dynamic Meditation you will rewire your brain to create lasting behavior habits and preferences to make the better choices. 

Instead of just masking symptoms, you will learn the tools and proven strategies to hit and maintain your target weight.

Whether it's taking weight off, regaining energy, or simply creating a more youthful and vital life, this program to help you reach your goals.

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Barbara - Before and After

Your Program Includes:

  • 2 video lesson
  • Your Worksheet with 5 Jumpstart Questions to help you gain clarity and tap into your deep motivation.
  • 2 Dynamic Meditation audio files to download, to rewire your brain and subconscious to create lasting change.


Pre-Launch pricing still available: $67
Regular Price: $99

100% Risk-Free

30-day money-back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the program a refund may be issued within 30 days of the purchase date.  All I ask is that you enjoy and use the course materials, do all the exercises, and evaluate the program based on your results.  Thank you.

- Ken Coscia

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Why it Works

You'll learn to apply a proven unique Dynamic Meditation process to:

  • How you can easily, quickly, and painlessly rewire your subconscious to achieve what you want faster--much faster.
  • How to create the habit of "doing what you know you ought to be doing because you feel like it". "And STOP doing what you know you ought not to do because NOW it is not an issue".
  • Eliminate unwanted cravings.
  • Break the impulsive/compulsive eating habit and reduce your consumption of sweets and fattening foods.
  • How you can change your life to have more love, more money, more enjoyment, and a healthier, stronger, fitter body-- in 90 days or less.

Participants have reported to me that they have slimmed down by 10 to 45 pounds using the Take It Off & Keep It Off techniques.

One Silva Grad, Maggie reported reducing 14 pounds after using what she learned in Silva Life System & Intuition Training AND then reducing another 31 pounds after Take It Off & Keep It Off.

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