Jose Silva's Complete Deep Relaxation Dynamic Meditation

Savor the soothing feeling of calm and deep relaxation. Feel the accumulated distress being eliminated from your body and mind. Allow your mind and body to gently move into a state of focused awareness and higher consciousness. A state of being where you can Take Command Of Your Life by applying your transformational skills.

This is a state of mind and body that the research shows will boost your immune system. You will as a result enjoy a blissful state of balance and well-being. You will also enhance your thinking skills. 

This is the world-famous complete "Long Relaxation Exercise" that was developed by Jose Silva, founder of The Silva Method after 22 years of research.

The exercise is a synergistic blend of fractional relaxation, guided imagery, updated positive life-affirming declarations with the Alpha healing sound quietly in the background. Guided by the soothing voice of Ken Coscia, the Silva Method's lead, most experienced instructor, and  Training Director.