Master Your Silva Method Techniques And Navigate Life With GRACE & EASE

If you're a Silva practitioner, you know how powerfully effective the Silva Method techniques are. Or if you're a personal development student, you've learned some very cool tools to develop a GROWTH MINDSET.

And yet sometimes you slip back into old familiar patterns or feel stuck. Sometimes you get results with little effort. Other times it may feel like you're hitting a wall.

You're not alone!

Ken Coscia, the man Jose Silva mentored and selected out of hundreds of global Silva instructors to serve on his elite graduate-advanced staff, can help.


     Since 1971, Ken Coscia has directly helped over 200,000 people in LIVE training programs in 27 countries harness their minds and improve their lives in various meaningful ways.

Through a scientific and time-tested curriculum based on the findings of Jose Silva (from 1944 to 1966) of the Silva Method (the man widely credited with bringing modern meditation to the West).

Ken, Silva's lead instructor, and International Training Director helps people from all walks of life spark profound and lasting positive change in their careers, finances, health, emotional well-being, and relationships.

Ken was selected out of hundreds of Silva Instructors by Jose Silva to serve on the elite graduate advanced staff. Ken was one of only four including  Jose Silva himself. 

"I continue my ongoing research and learning. I am eager to share my insights and advancements with you just like I do with my premium Coach-Mentor clients and Silva Method students.

After all these years working with thousands of students all over the globe, I am fortunate to be in a unique position to add clarity about what the necessary conditions are and why they work to maximize your results.

I have found that when you learn the what and why behind the techniques, it's easier and more effective for you to apply the how to do it applications for better results.

I am feeling grateful and blessed for your continued interest and support. After all, we're in this together to create a better life for ourselves, our loved ones and ultimately the world."

Ken is Silva's most experienced instructor who throughout his over 48 years has specialized in helping Silva practitioners to take their Silva skills to a whole new level.



Join Ken and take a deep dive into the original Silva Concepts that inspired Jose Silva to create the Silva Method.

You will develop advanced applications to create wealth, build a business, improve your health and well-being, enhance relationships, attract a romantic partner, re-invent yourself and MORE.

Learn how to develop advanced applications of manifestation - Co-Creation skills, higher self-alignment and intuition to Take Control Of Your Life and help your family as well. 

You can watch the Classic Silva Master Classes videos on your computer or download the videos to any of your devices; so you have 24/7 access anytime, anywhere.  



  • How to bypass the "inner gatekeeper" - critical naysayer and get into FLOW.

  • How to access wisdom and guidance to keep you in alignment with your highest - Best Self.

  • How to model and learn from past models of excellence to enhance your skills.

  • How to stay calm, focused and productive even under pressure.

  • How to prevent challenging people from "triggering" you.

  • How to create a Resource State of calm, focused confidence.

  • Stop emotional drain and bring back the joy.

    How to deal with negative people and reduce conflict.

  • How to create harmony at work and at home.

  • How to clarify what you want with Self-Awareness.

  • How to apply "The Best Self Exercise."

  • How to elevate positive emotions of hope and optimism to supercharge your programming. Get more consistent, lasting results.

Take a deep dive with Ken Coscia into advanced Mind-Body-Spirit principles and develop very specific practical applications for your personal and professional development. He'll peel back the curtain to reveal to you the advanced principles that actually make the tools work for you.

You will, as a result, find yourself in FLOW as if the Universe has got your back. You'll find yourself doing more good, making a bigger difference, having fun and THRIVING.




"Ken's Master Classes are specialized training emphasizing the nuances and subtleties yet core alignment[s] that define and support specific Silva Method exercises and techniques. 

The analogy that comes to mind is that of the onion.  As the outer layers of the onion are peeled away, we get to the center, the core of the onion, the sweetest most delicate part of the onion. 

As we begin at the beginning and work our way outwards with practice, patience and repetition we are working from that very core.

Behind each of the Silva Techniques and processes, are those alignment[s].  By working backward [peeling back the layers of the onion] we begin at the beginning, we begin at that source point. 

The Master Classes illustrate the essential requirement that the alignment[s] precede all other processes and techniques.  It is a subtle recognition of all that “is” that ultimately leads us to mastery of the techniques and processes that come from “it”."

Ken Coscia, the founder of The Trust Your Intuition Academy, lead trainer and International Training Director for all Silva Instructors, has facilitated transformation and coached over 200,000 people in LIVE events from all over the world.

Ken is committed to the mission of enriching the planet by empowering the individual. 

What Participants Of Ken's Master Classes Are Saying

"Thank you again for my 'breakthrough!' It has changed my whole focus on life with Silva even stronger, in the forefront. You, Ken, have broken that stranglehold.

 I have crossed over a huge barrier and it is so relaxing and free and open to new opportunities. Your effect on my life has been  profound."

Better and Better. June Kidd, author of Unshriven 

"I wanted to emphatically thank you for your superior work and teachings of the Silva Method principles during the Master Class.

I attended your masterclass last night and I came into work today with a sudden promotion and 33.3% raise - completely out of left field!

My intention for the workshop was to improve my singing voice and lose some weight but I got such a positive point of reference that it reinforced how well it works!

I also learned that the reason my weight reduction halted".   

"Thank you so much for Sharing this information Ken. It was exactly what I needed today. I have this amazing jolt now!! Feeling great ".

Better and better
J.R. , Fashion Designer


"I think these Advanced Master Classes are very helpful as a review, for new perspectives, and for motivation to use the Silva Method techniques.   The videos can also give you additional ideas for applying the Silva Method tools.

I bought all  4 videos…the best value price worked well for me as originally  I was thinking about buying two and I very am happy I bought all  4 videos as  I found them to be very valuable, inspiring and motivating for me to use the Silva techniques more often and in more effective ways. 

A  short time after buying these videos I had to go through a medical procedure and do not think I would have done as well as I did without having the course.

 Thank you, Ken, for your wonderful work."

     Nikki Ross


          Plus you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

If you are not satisfied with your program, a refund may be issued within 30 days of the purchase date. If you do not receive your welcome instructions right away, please notify us so that we can make sure you get started well within the 30-day period. No refunds will be issued after 30 days from purchase.