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The Lost Sense:
Intuition And You

Intuition is emerging as one of the most important personal and professional skills for the 21st century. It is an inherent perceptive skill and can be rediscovered and developed over time using simple tools, techniques and practices.


12 Focusing Principles

Human Intuition Is A Trainable Skill

In fact, it’s more than trainable. It’s a natural skill that we’re all born with. The bond between babies and moms, the high creativity of kids, much of this is credited to our natural human intuition.

The Distortions

Clear the distortions and manifest creative solutions, solve problems and even “pick the right answer”… way beyond the laws of chance. It’s often said that intuition and inspiration are two sides of the same coin.

Applications - Flow

You will learn brain based learning strategies and discover how to listen to, focus and trust your intuition to make important decisions, start a new career, improve your health, find your soul mate, magnetize money and even realize your lifetime dreams.

Ken Coscia, lead instructor and International Training Director for the Silva Method has helped 200,000 people in 27 nations over a 46 year span gain clarity, confidence and focus from their Intuitive - Inner Wisdom. NOW IT'S YOUR TIME!


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