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Life Mastery with Ken Coscia's Dynamic Meditation Hacks

Dynamic Meditation - An Advanced Mindfulness Hack

Discover and apply the practical skills to:

  • Naturally and easily increase productivity.
  • Lower medical costs by increasing health and resilience.
  • Get focused, naturally.
  • Shift mindset and improve mood and use natural intuitive ability to create solutions and get into “Flow”.                                      
  • In this video training series, I'm going to share what Dynamic Meditation is, and how you can take advantage of it NOW.

Integrate What You Know The Basics

You'll learn a style of meditation, suited for the real world, that is simple enough to use in your day-to-day life, yet powerful enough to have a lasting impact in your work and life. And you'll even dispell the "Myths".

Creating Lasting Change Making The Time

A proven way to bypass the critical mind - inner gatekeeper and move us into the subconscious system of programs. This is a deeper levels of consciousness where we can create lasting beneficial change. 

A New State Of Being Case Studies

The only way to change your limiting beliefs and perceptions is to change your state of being. Dynamic Meditation  is a proven process to change your state of being.

There's No bells and whistles or slick marketing here...Just solid , reliable and practical content from someone who's actually devoted decades applying these hacks, researching, and teaching over 100,000 people (including business owners, Olympic athletes, authors, entrepreneurs, medical doctors, etc.) in 27 countries and applying Dynamic Meditation as a daily practice in his own life for over 46 years.


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