Future Self™: Video Workshop and Guided Meditation To Create A Compelling Optimistic Future

Future Self: A fun time travel awareness dynamic meditation process to help you create a more compelling future filled with hope, confidence, certainty, and possibilities.

Can also be used to spark intuitive insights. It is a delightful blend of thought-provoking music by Bill Reddie, relaxation, and guided imagery.

This can help you to awaken and develop your Intuition for more effective decision-making. You can also create a brighter, more optimistic outlook for a more meaningful life, and great to help Improve visualization and imagination.

·       In a 2013 study published in the journal PAIN, a single fifteen-minute task of writing about the best possible self resulted in lower pain ratings afterward. The authors suggested that pain experience was lower because participants paid relatively less attention to the aversive aspects of the painful experience.

·       A 2013 study conducted by Kristin Layous and her colleagues found that participants who were provided with a testimonial praising the exercise showed even greater increases in optimism and happiness after performing the exercise weekly for four weeks.

At this point, there are dozens of studies showing similar results. What should we conclude from this research? Simply this: Even if you perform the best possible self exercise just once, your optimism will get a temporary boost. And if you perform It repeatedly, say every night, or a few times a week, there will be a persistent spike in your optimism. What is more, your mood will also improve and you will feel happier.

In recent years, many people have embraced mindfulness practice, are performing it regularly, and are enjoying its benefits. Isn’t it time to also adopt this easy and pleasurable activity of visualizing your best possible self to boost your optimism.


Disclaimers and Warnings

Do not listen to our audio whilst working with machinery, whilst driving, or in any situation when your attention is required elsewhere. We accept no responsibility for the use of our guided meditations in such situations. The testimonials/endorsements included in this website abide by word-of-mouth marketing standards. We believe in honesty of relationships, opinions, and identity.  

I remind you that this process or any of them is not meant to replace a licensed Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, and/or Health Professional. I recommend that you work with your licensed health professional if need be.

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What People Are Saying:

“Ken explained important matters in simple ways which made a lot of sense and easy to apply. – It is obvious Ken lives what he teaches. – We liked the way Ken teaches, he was warm, patient, natural and wise. – His way of teaching about controversial subjects (such as time travel, quantum, mind effecting matter ) was very nice, leaving nobody behind, respecting both believers and non believers. – Exercises were well formed, very effective. (Most students claimed to have a breakthrough or great insight about themselves or about the subject during exercises.)

Silva director in Turkey – Aysen Edis and instructor Gulgun Sharafat

$25.00 USD

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