A deep dive into the core- foundation work of Jose Silva with an emphasis on How To Do It applications for the real world.

It's Classic Silva with Ken at his best.

These Master Class events were recorded live and include an expansion of the original Silva tools.

You'll get the 3 Fingers technique for accelerated learning and confidence building.

The ultimate reframing/manifestation tool - Mirror Of The Mind.

The Laboratory and Counselors concept. And Holoviewing to access inner wisdom and gain guidance.

These are the very principles and concepts that inspired Jose Silva. And the pioneering movement that became the global movement - The Silva Method.

You will learn how to develop advanced applications of manifestation skills, higher self-alignment, and intuition to Take Command Of Your Life and help make a better world!

All 4 previously sold separately for $256.00

Plus you get over $50 of bonuses.

Your investment is only $129.

$129.00 USD

Add a copy of the guided Dynamic Meditation that started it all. Created by Jose Silva and narrated by Ken Coscia.

This is the world famous complete"Long Relaxation Exercise" that was developed by Jose Silva, founder of The Silva Method after 22 years of research. The exercise is a synergistic blend of fractional relaxation, guided imagery, updated positive life affirming declarations with the Alpha sound quietly in the background.

Guided by the soothing voice of Ken Coscia, the Silva Method's lead, most experienced instructor and International Training Director.

This is a 30 minute mp3 that you can download to any of your devices and have ready access 24/7.

Plus you also get the Alpha sound separately as a 50 minute mp3 download.

Plus you get access to a video lesson.

Also included is a Bonus download pdf - The Simonton Report. Although this was a presentation given by Dr. Simonton in 1974, his courageous work helped set the stage for the emerging field of Energy Medicine.

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